MS 70 Coins

The highest possible grade awarded by coin grading services for mint state coins is MS 70. These coins, which have attained perfection on the 70 point grading scale, are in high demand from coin collectors and investors seeking the absolute best representative example of a particular coin.

The Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation are the top two third party grading services. As such, the most sought after MS70 graded coins are those within PCGS or NGC holders.

NGC MS 70 Graded Coin

The competition to acquire the top graded coins for a particular issue can be intense. Many Registry Set collectors will seek to acquire MS 70 coins for each issue of a particular series. While the incidence of top graded coins is higher for more recent issues, the earlier issues are often extremely rare. In some cases, only a handful of coins have been graded PCGS or NGC MS70 for a particular date.

MS 70 graded coins are not possible to find in every United States coin series. Circulating coins typically are not produced with the level of precision necessary to receive a top grade. Likewise, early or classic coins are also not possible to find in the top grade on the scale.

Series with coins which may be pursued for MS 70 coins include American Gold, Silver, or Platinum Eagles, although top graded coins for earlier years of the series can be extremely rare. Also included are American Gold Buffalo coins, modern commemorative gold or silver coins, the First Spouse Gold Coins, and the popular 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle.

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